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Discussing Books


Media Appearances

Dr. Connie discusses her groundbreaking new book Solving the ADHD Riddle - #1 in 8 categories on Amazon. Listeners share their experiences and successful results using the information contained in her book. Find her appearances on podcasts, radio shows, and youtube videos here:

Signature Speaking Topics

Dr. Connie McReynolds is renowned for her expertise in a variety of areas within psychology and rehabilitation. Her signature speaking topics include:



and ADHD

Dr. McReynolds shares her extensive experience and success in using neurofeedback to improve ADHD symptoms in children and adults. Her approach offers hope and improved quality of life for those affected by ADHD, as evidenced by her research and publications. 


Auditory and Visual Processing Challenges

She illuminates the often-overlooked auditory and visual processing issues that can underlie learning difficulties. Dr. McReynolds explains how these challenges are not related to the ability to hear or see but to how the brain processes information, which can significantly impact attention and learning. 


Alternative Interventions for Learning and Behavior

Beyond traditional methods, Dr. McReynolds advocates for innovative interventions that address the root causes of learning and behavioral challenges rather than just the symptoms. Her work in neurofeedback is a testament to the effectiveness of such alternative approaches.


Classroom Adaptations

for Special Needs

With her background in rehabilitation counseling and psychology, Dr. McReynolds consults with parents and schools to create effective classroom adaptations that cater to the needs of children with learning difficulties, ensuring a more inclusive and supportive educational environment. 


Neurodiversity in Action: Tailored Strategies for Workplace Success

She highlights the critical importance of personalized accommodations in fostering an inclusive work environment. This approach, advocated by Dr. McReynolds, emphasizes the collaboration between employers, HR professionals, and employees to craft and implement accommodations that address the unique challenges and strengths of individuals with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and Tourette’s syndrome. By prioritizing such customized interventions, organizations can both celebrate the diverse contributions of their workforce and enhance overall productivity and success.

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