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Dr. Connie discusses her groundbreaking new book Solving the ADHD Riddle - #1 in 8 categories on Amazon. Listeners share their experiences and successful results using the information contained in her book. 
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Diagnosis to Solutions: Deciphering the ADHD Puzzle - Chatting with Betsy on World Talk Radio

Betsy welcomes Dr. Connie McReynolds, the accomplished author behind “SOLVING THE ADHD RIDDLE”: The Real Cause and Lasting Solutions to Your Child’s Struggle to Learn, currently holding the top spot as an Amazon bestseller in eight categories.

In their enlightening conversation, Dr. McReynolds delves into the motivations behind her book and offers valuable insights on how teachers and parents can effectively support children and teenagers with ADHD. Betsy and Dr. McReynolds explore the tendency for overdiagnosis of ADHD and the importance of addressing underlying issues such as auditory and visual processing difficulties. Moreover, Dr. McReynolds sheds light on the transformative potential of neurofeedback in treating not only ADHD but also conditions like PTSD and migraines by enhancing brain function.

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Solving the ADHD Riddle - Real Cause and Solutions with Connie McReynolds, Ph.D. - FMMK Talk Radio with Johnny Tan

Would you like to know the real cause of ADHD and learn lasting solutions to help your child resolve the issue? Join Connie McReynolds, Ph.D., and me on Wednesday, February 21st, from 10 - 11 A.M. Central Time U.S. Our conversation is about her remarkable life journey and her latest book, Solving the ADHD Riddle: The Real Cause and Lasting Solutions to Your Child’s Struggle to Learn.


Dr. Connie’s Solving the ADHD Riddle takes you on a journey into the intricate world of behavioral and learning challenges. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and processing difficulties, Learn to navigate the complex landscape of diagnosis and treatment, Learn how to advocate effectively for the child or student, and Discover how to create a nurturing and supportive environment for learning and growth, fostering a brighter, more hopeful future for children with learning and behavioral challenges.

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Les Jensen, New Human Living Radio

Please join us and our guest, Connie McReynolds, Ph.D., for a show on Solving the ADHD Riddle: The Real Cause and Lasting Solutions to Your Child’s Struggle to Learn. If your child struggles with attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, or other symptoms of ADHD, it can be challenging to know how to help them. Increasing meltdowns and defiance, having a hard time at school, difficulty with organization, following through on tasks, or remembering what to do are a signal that something is wrong and it may or may not be ADHD. Either way, you need to hear what Dr. Connie McReynolds says today! Her new book, Solving the ADHD Riddle: The Real Cause and Lasting Solutions to Your Child’s Struggle to Learn, reveals why current diagnoses aren’t working and what you, as a parent, need to know to guide your child back to a life that is fully functional, happy and successful.

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Dr. Durr's Living in the Sweet Spot
Please listen to my two-part interview on Dr. Durr’s Living in the Sweet Spot. This is a weekly show that educates about the essential role of brain health and mental wealth to create fulfillment and the greatest demonstration of purpose and potential. Practical tools and solutions are offered to our audience from the intersection of mind-body medicine. I discuss the effects of ADHD and other conditions that affect children and adults.

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Parts 1 and 2
S2 E2 Solving the ADHD Riddle, Part 1, December 13, 2023 | BBS Radio

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Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams

Dr. Gregory Williams, Breaking the Silence on BBS Radio TV, heard around the world, interviewed Dr. Connie on November 12, 2023.  Listen or view their discussion as Dr. Connie joins Breaking the Silence to talk and inform about ADHD..   Author of the book, Solving the ADHD Riddle: The Real Cause and Lasting Solutions to Your Child's Struggle to Learn.

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Edge Talk Radio - Video Games/Neurofeedback for ADHD, Author, psychologist, Dr. Connie McReynolds

Dr. Connie was interviewed by Angela Zabel to uncover: How can video games help with ADHD? What is Neurofeedback and how can it help people? Can you bring relief to your stress, anxiety, depression, pain, trauma, PTSD, or ADHD and bring mental clarity to yourself? What are ways to work with those who have ADHD, their parents, and teachers? What success have you, your clients and family experienced with the new methods of treatment? What put a psychologist and rehabilitation counselor on a path of exploring the real cause and lasting solutions to learning and experiencing ADHD?


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In this episode, Dr. Connie discusses her newly released breakthrough book Solving the ADHD Riddle that provides a revolutionary approach to resolving ADHD. She provides parents and teachers with valuable information about how the real cause of ADHD is rooted in auditory and visual processing problems and why traditional treatments for ADHD often don’t work for children with these processing problems.

Click here to listen to the podcast episode.

Click here to purchase Solving the ADHD Riddle.

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